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Useful Information/Links


Below are links that I have found useful in my laser journey. If you have any to suggest please feel free to message me and i will gladly consider adding it to this page so others can also benefit

  1. Average cutting/engraving parameters. 

    • This is a document published by OMTech. ​

    • It is simply a starting point, make necessary adjustments to suit your needs

    • Download Here

  2. Materials that should not be used in your laser.​

    • Some materials are not suitable for laser cutting due to the dangers they present to your personal health and your laser​

    • List is Here

  3. Test Files

  4. Smoke and Mirrors website gives a good explanation on how to properly align your mirrors

  5. Inkscape is a free program used for designing or editing designs. YouTube contains a lot of tutorial videos.​​

  6. Removebg is a website which is useful for removing backgrounds of any image​

  7. Vector Magic is a website that will convert JPG, PNG, GIF Files to PDF, SVG, EPS vectors

  8. Stencilyfy is a website used to edit text to be more suitable for laser cutting.

    • When you laser cut certain letters (ex. O) will lose the inner portion of the shape. Stencilfy automatically adds birdges to prevent this​

    • Stencilfy Website

  9. Conversion Sites used to convert files to different formats such as PDF, JPEG, SVG, DXF, AI or EPS.​

  10. ImagR is a website that is used for to prepare a picture for laser engraving. You can do things such as make puzzles, mask certain portions, remove backgrounds, cartoonize you image and enhance you image

  11. Nesting Sites/Programs

    • Nesting takes your shapes and rotates them and finds way to fit them all on your material. This helps make the most efficient use of your material by minimizing waste. 

    • SVGNest Website



  12. Font Websites  

  13. Preview Fonts on your computer

  14. Free files/designs

  15. Materials

    1. Wood

    2. Rubber for Stamps

  16. Lightburn Documentation

  17. Lightburn Tutorials are helpful for first time users and experiences users alike 

  18. Information on How to Remove Scratches from Acrylic

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