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OMTech Fiber Laser Machines

When ordering from Amazon or eBay keep in mind that support is strictly via email with responses coming from someone in Asia. If you order through the OMTech website you will have access to talk to someone in Southern California

Fiber Lasers can make amazingly detailed designs on metals and hard plastics. Equipped with a Galvo Drive and variable lenses, you can count on these machines to provide accurate and effective etchings on all of your metallic materials. These machines are not made to cut through metal. They are used strictly for marking designs on metals.

Fiber lasers work great on mild steel, carbon steel & tool steels but can also etch other materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, gold, silver platinum.

Note that the more reflective and ductile the material is the more difficult it will be to produce desired results

Click on the retailer button(s) below the machine you would like to purchase

20 Watt Fiber Lasers
FM7979-20S - 20W.jpg
FM7979-20S - 20W
  • 20 Watt

  • Manual focus

  • 5.9” x 5.9” (150 x 150mm) marking area

FM7979-30S - 30W.jpg
FM7979-30S - 30W
  • 30 Watt

  • Manual Focus

  • 7.9” x 7.9” (200 x 200mm) laser marking area

  • Most popular amongst firearms marking community

  • Out of the box meets firearm specs for depth of serialized components

FM4343-30H - 30W.jpg
FM4343-30H - 30W
  • 30 Watt

  • Manual Focus

  • 4.3" x 4.3" (110x110 mm) laser marking area

  • Great for marking catalytic converters, I-Beams, Server Racks, etc.

30 Watt Fiber Lasers
FM1212-50S - 50W.jpg
FM1212-50S - 50W
  • 50 Watt

  • Manual Focus

  • 11.8” x 11.8” (300 x 300mm) marking area

  • Great for control panels, asset tags, other sheet metals thinner than 14 GA

FM1212-50 - 50W.jpg
FM1212-50 - 50W
  • 50 Watt

  • Manual Focus

  • 11.8” x 11.8” (300 x 300mm) marking area

  • Great for control panels, asset tags, other sheet metals thinner than 14 GA

50 Watt Fiber Lasers


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