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Scroll down to check out some of the tools I use in my shop. Some of them have coupon codes for discounts when checking out too


SpeTool manufactures and supplies various tools including CNC router bits, carving and engraving bits, aluminum cutting bits, metal end mills,  grinder deburr tools and other rotary tools, for use in industrial and DIY applications.


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CNC Router Bits
Onefinity Journeyman X-50

With a tag line "One Machine Infinite Possibilities" the Onefinity series of hobbyist CNC machines are built to stand up to the rigors of everyday use.


The Journeyman has a cutting area of 48"(x-axis) x 32"(y-axis) providing the ability to machine full sheets of Plywood, MDF, etc.. Rigidity is not an issue with 50mm Linear hollow shafts standard on the X Axis and 35mm Linear hollow shafts on the Y Axis. Just like it's smaller siblings, the Journeyman is capable of doing plastics, foam, brass, aluminum and more!

Check out their full line of products at the link below


OMTech AF2028-60


Fancierstudio Heat press
Digital Heat Press 15 x 15
Sublimation Heat Press
Rhinestone Heat Press
T-Shirt Heat Press 15x15 B/BLK


3D Pushblock


The GRR-RIPPER® 3D Pushblock is engineered to give you the most accurate cuts possible while protecting your hands at all times. No other pushblock offers this level of precision, control, and safety. Make difficult cuts with ease, and prevent kickback like never before.

DELTA, 10-in, 15-Amp Table Saw

This 10-in contractor table saw provides function and flexibility. The 15 amp motor is enough power to rip thick stock or challenging dados, while the cast-iron tabletop offers a sturdy workspace. The T-Square locking rip fence is advertised to provide cuts that are accurate to 1/64-in. The integrated dust collection with 2.5-in dust port works surprisingly well. It comes equipped with locking bevel and height adjustment wheels to provide consistency in your cuts.  The tubular rolling stand makes moving around the shop an easy process. While the frame is sturdy it does rock at times when moving and have the feeling it might tip over a bit if when making turns. 

I designed and cut a zero-clearance insert made out of 1/4" white acrylic.  You can buy the file below. If you would like me to make the part please send a message and I can provide pricing with shipping based on your location.

Table Saw


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